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A long standing tradition of coverage from Catholic faith and humanities to simple moments that shape our daily lives. Establish since 1905, the Catholic Standard has been informing and connecting our diversity of people  for 109 years.

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Below are a list of Organisations to which you can make a donation.
Bishops Annual Appeal 2014      Tel:+1 (592) 226-4469
Stewardship Development          Tel: +1 (592) 225-0420
Society of Jesuits in Guyana       Tel: +1 (592) 226-7461

Catholic Standard (Newspapers) Tel: +1(592) 226-2195
Catholic Magazine (Television)    Tel: +1(592) 226-2192
Dayclean Podcasts (Radio)         Tel: +1(592) 226-2192

St. Ann's Girls' Orphanage          Tel: +1(592) 226-4952
St. John's Bosco Boys' Orphanage Tel: +1(592) 222-2364
St. Bernadette's Hostel                Tel: +1(592) 226-4851
St. Vincent De Paul Homestead   Tel: +1(592) 227-0832
St. Thomas Moore Men's Home   Tel: +1(592) 226-8594
New Nazareth Home                   Tel; +1(592) 225-7606
  1. Marian Academy
  2. St. Stanislaus College

  1. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Tel: +1 (592) 226-4631, 223-7612
  2. Church of the Annunciation, Malgre Tout, WBD. Tel: +1 (592) 264-1220
  3. Church of Ascension, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Tel: +1 (592) 333-2732
  4. Church of the Assumption, Hague, WCD. Tel: +1 (592) 276-3203
  5. Christ the King, Suddie, Essequibo. Tel: +1 (592) 774-4530
  6. Guardian Angels, Hopetown, WC Berbice Tel: +1 (592) 232-0295
  7. Holy Rosary, Kitty, Georgetown. Tel: +1 (592) 226-4768
  8. Holy Spirit, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown. Tel: +1 (592) 218-1223
  9. Our Lady of Fatima, Bourda, Georgetown. Tel: +1 (592) 226-3460
  10. Our Lady of the Mount, Meadowbank, E.B.D. Tel: +1(592) 231-0551
  11. Sacred Heart R.C. Church, Georgetown. Tel: +1 (592) 226-4631
  12. St. Anthony's R.C. Church, Bartica, Essq. Rvr. Tel: +1(592)455-2236
  13. St. Francis Xavier R.C.Church, P/Mourant, B/bice. Tel: +1(592)337-2362
  14. St. Francis Xavier R.C.Church, Charity Essequibo. Tel: +1(592) 771-5242
  15. St. Joachim R.C. Church, Springlands, Berbice. Tel: +1 (592) 335-3375
  16. St. John the Baptist, Plaisance, E.C.D. Tel: +1(592) 222-2343
  17. St. Joseph the Worker, Linden. Tel: +1(592) 444-6644
  18. St. Joseph's R.C. Church, Henrietta, Essequibo. Tel: +1(592) 771-4728
  19. St. Paul's R.C. Church, Helena Mahaica. Tel: +1(592)228-2348
  20. St. Pius X, La Penitence, Georgetown. Tel: +1(592) 226-2216
  21. St. Teresa's R.C.Church, Campbellville, Georgetown. Tel: +1(592) 226-1045
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